“Maayong pag-abot sa Dalaguete” The first greeting I encountered when I arrive at Municipality of Dalaguete, which is located at the Southern part of Cebu. The people’s hospitality, their cheerfulness and their urge to help, welcomed me. I was amazed, I didn’t expect those from them, it is like it is their natural way of welcoming guests in their municipality. I was six that time when I first went to Dalaguete and until now I continue to experience their culture, be with the people and went to the different attractions or they called “Garbo sa Dalaguete”. Now, I will share to you five of my experiences.


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Located at Brgy. Obong, Dalaguete, Cebu is a perfect place to cool down on a hot summer day. Where the sea and spring meets, people enjoy bathing and having time with family and friends. As we dip our bodies down the water, we can feel a tingling sensation that will help our bodies and mind to relax.





With the entrance fee of Php 10, we can be with nature and have an unforgettable experience.





How to Get There
From Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT), take a bus heading to Bato Oslob or any bus that is heading to the municipality of Dalaguete either Sunrays or Ceres, aircon and non-aircon it’s up to you to choose. From then, instruct the bus conductor to drop you at Barangay Obong, Dalaguete, Cebu near the Obong Covered Court where the Cold Spring is located. Usually two to three hours is the travel time.






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A place where we can find peace and comfort situated at Brgy. Coro, Dalaguete, Cebu. Dakong Bato Beach and Leisure Resort is known for its picturesque view of the sea and a touch calmness that soothes our aching souls. From its name “Dakong Bato”, we can easily picture out and know that it means “Big Rock.” The resort is beautified by different landscapes making it more pleasing to the eye and instagram worthy.





If you wish to have questions and reservations, feel free to visit their website at






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From Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT), take a bus heading to Bato Oslob or any bus that is heading to the municipality of Dalaguete either Sunrays or Ceres, aircon and non-aircon it’s up to you to choose. From then, instruct the bus conductor to drop you at Dakong Bato Beach Resort in Coro, Dalaguete. Travel time takes two to three hours.









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The highest peak in Cebu approximately 1,013 meters above sea level. In honor of the famous Osmeña Clan in Cebu. Osmeña Peak is famous for its 360 degree view of the southwestern coastline of Cebu and even the Province of Negros Oriental. Located Mantalongon, Dalaguete, Cebu- which is known as the Summer Capital and the Little Baguio of Cebu due to its cool climate. Here we can find tranquillity, peace, freedom and full of love. Really a must visit place.

What to Bring
Camera and smartphone
Drinking water (you can buy water at the base/sari-sari store when you register)
A cap/headwear
Tent (if you wish to stay overnight)



How to Get There:
Take a bus at the South Bus Terminal travelling to Oslob or Bato. Ask to be dropped off at the Dalaguete junction (3 hours travel time). Hire a motorcycle (habal-habal) going to the wet market in Mantalongon (20 minutes). From there, you can either:

Trek to from the market to the peak for about 2 plus hours, or
Hire another motorcycle going to the peak for about 15-20 minutes

Or go to Carbon Public Market and inquire people about the terminal for Mantalongon mini bus.
The mini bus will drop you off at Mantalongon Public Market. ). From there, you can either:

Trek to from the market to the peak for about 2 plus hours, or
Hire another motorcycle going to the peak for about 15-20 minutes

Registration Fee at the Peak: Php 30



download (1)The main delicacy of Dalaguete, a deep-fried banana (usually cardava banana) immaculately stuffed with prime ground meat. At first sight, it looks just like ordinary “pritong saging”, but if you have a bite, the soft, sweet and juicy outside blends with the meaty and spicy inside. Banana meat is normally served during fiestas and other special occasions.


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Another delicacy of Dalaguete, an heirloom cookie, a simple butter cookie that is toasted until it has a golden brown color. Comes in different shapes like star, moon and the famous flower shape. Taste, form, design and quality vary on every household.
Handed down by custom and tradition, these cookies can be traced back to spanish heritage. The word ” tostado” is actually a Spanish word which means toasted.



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Utanon is from the local term “utan” which means vegetable in English. The Municipality of Dalaguete known as the Vegetable Basket of Cebu celebrates Utanon Festival in thanksgiving for all the blessings the Dalaguetnon’s receive.

The festival is made, as a sign of gratitude to the bountiful harvest of vegetables and aims to promote the vegetable industry of the south part of Cebu and gives emphasis to vegetable farming as a sustainable source of livelihood. The vegetables gathered is delivered to Carbon Public Market to be sold.

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The festival is held during the annual celebration of Dalaguete Patron Saint San Guillermo de Aquitania every February 9 and 10.





How to Get There
From South Bus Terminal, take a bus that is travelling to Bato or Oslob or anything that will pass Poblacion, Dalaguete. Travel time takes two to three hours from Cebu City.







And there you go, my five experiences at Dalaguete, Cebu. If you want to have that experience of mine, and also experience more, visit Dalaguete and be amazed.



Jay Marie Cerenio Tayo, the name of the girl named Jay. Born on the 10th day of August in the year 1999, is currently living at Laguerta, Lahug, Cebu City. The youngest child of her parents and the only girl amongst the siblings.

A responsible, caring and ever-loving person. Sometimes shy but always happy-go-lucky. She is a person who treats her family and friends as jewels, a precious stone, a fragile glass and a soft feather. When felt bad, she will do everything for them to feel good. She loves them very much and is very grateful to them.

She loves reading. She loves the books written by Nicholas Sparks and many more authors. She’s very good in verbal linguistics and a fan of the Harry Potter movie. And since she is very good in verbal linguistics, she hates mathematical calculations, but she doesn’t hate numbers. She is good in saving her allowance even if sheò always wanted to buy foods.

For almost 2 years of being with her, she has been a very big part of my life. She is the one who guides me in my senior high school journey. She is the one who consoles me when I feel sad. And in my happy moments she is with me. I am really gratified to be also a part of her life.


I was born on the day before Valentines day in the year 2000 at Cebu Doctor’s University Hospital. I’m currently living at Guadalupe, Cebu but my permanent address is Mantalongon, Dalaguete, Cebu. At Guadalupe, I live with my cousins. At Dalaguete, I live with my mother, father, my three siblings: Mj, Laurence and Matt, with my aunt and uncle and their family.

Who am I.
My name is Alliah Mae Zamora Moran. I started school when I was 2, I went to Talaga Day Care Center, have kindergarten when I was 4 and grade school when I was 6 at Talaga Elementary School. But I graduated gradeschool at Mantalongon Elementary School because on my 2nd grade I transferred school.I spent my junior high school days at Mantalongon National High School. I am now a senior at Southwestern University PHINMA. I plan on finishing school and maybe go to a state university.



What love and life means to me.

Let’s now talk about life and love. Life for me is my family, friends and especially God, also they are what love means to me. They are the ones who trusts me, who loves me, who cares for me and the ones who are there to guide me. They are very special to me, they are very near to my heart. Even if sometimes I lost trust to them, they will do everything to win that trust again. There are also times I made bad to them, show them things that are not good and betray them but after all those bad memories, they will accept me wholeheartedly and still trusts me.


What is my outlook this year.


I am hoping that this year 2018 will be good to me, since this year, I will be graduating and is applying for college. In this college application, I will be looking forward to pass the entrance exam to my dream school. Hoping for the best, with my studies, my hobbies and everything I am going to do. Looking forward for the challenges that will make me stronger and bolder. And most of all looking forward for better and more opportunities, in school and outside school.


Based on the format of


” Maybe this time” the only song that I can relate to our experience.


Our story started, when we we’re six, we where childhood friends, we used to play at the backyard of your house, until grade school came, we became best of friends. You were my guardian angel when our classmates bullies me, I didn’t know when and where but I just felt something different. And then high school came, I confessed my feelings towards you and you said you felt the same too. So I courted you and after 6 months you said “YES”, I was very happy that time, I love you so much. Our relationship lasted for almost three years but I cheated on you. I took you for granted and I regretted it, I asked for your forgiveness but you said you need space and time so granted your wish. My realizations hit me when we were about to go to college. We are all busy, you are busy preparing for the requirements of your application and I was also busy just looking and staring at you. And then, graduation came, I received no greeting of congratulations from you, you did not even make a little glance towards me. I want to talk to you but I was afraid that if I make a move, you will just ignore me.

Honestly, I was dying inside to hold you I was dying inside to feel you in my arms again. I was dying inside to let you know the truth. I was dying inside but I couldn’t bring myself to approach you. Not doing anything just to earn you back feels like I am a total bastard, I wasted the amazing gift God has given to me, I wasted the most precious jewel in the whole world, I wasted you.

After all the meditations and gaining self-confidence, I’m starting over again. Not to anyone but with you. I already made up my mind. I will win you back even if it costs a lot of effort. I will make you the happiest person in the whole world, I will do everything just to earn your love and trust again but I will not promise not to make you cry but I will do my very best not to hurt you.

I, the flames of your past, ready to be rekindled by you Mi Amor.